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175 Joerschke Dr. Suite S, Grass Valley, CA

We installed new high speed Internet at our home, and needed several jacks installed and ethernet cables run throughout our home and home office (12 drops in total along with a new patch panel and rack system). After doing quite a bit of searching, and having others come out to estimate the job as well, I went with Absolute Communication Solutions (Eric came and did the quote and was there for the installation as well). I am so happy we did. The connections that others said were impossible (to quote, others said “I have been doing this for 30 years and you can’t get a connection there”), Absolute Communication Solutions did get it done, and they had all the right tools and experience to do it right without causing any damage or needless holes. The hardware and cabling they used was top notch, and very high quality. They found a way to do the impossible. It was like watching a magician. The price was great (actual invoice was under the estimate), the service was outstanding and I would never consider anyone else in the future. I don’t write a lot of glaring reviews, but these guys are golden and did an amazing job!