What Is Fiber Optics?

As internet backbones worldwide expand, so do the need for a far travelling, efficient, and fast infrastructure. Fiber optics is a cabling solution that utilizes light frequencies over optical fibers to transmit data. Fiber optics is used widely by internet service providers for internet backbone infrastructure, and by businesses and residents that wish to transmit high amounts of data over a distance beyond standard twisted pair cabling limits.

Fiber Optic Internet Connections

In the realm of internet service, fiber optics provide extra reliable, low latency, enterprise solutions. Businesses that rely on their internet connection typically choose fiber internet because it comes with a guaranteed uptime, which they can trust to put their phones, website hosting, and business computers on.

Many businesses save money by transitioning to a fiber optic internet service, where they can then take advantage of internet-based phone lines and phones.

At Absolute Communication Solutions, our goal is to provide an end-to-end telecommunications solution. Part of this solution is carrier services, including phone, fax, and internet lines. ACS is proud to be a fiber optic internet reseller in Nevada County and surrounding areas, where internet service options are typically limited.

Carrier Services
fiber optic cables

Fiber Optic Cable Installations

For many Businesses, access to the internet across a large campus or building is both a requirement and challenge. Luckily, fiber optics can reach distances up to 40km, and carry large amounts of bandwidth while at it. Typical large businesses will have fiber between buildings, floors, and network frames, keeping main connections uncongested.

Fiber Installation By Absolute Communication Solutions

ACS is proud to be both a fiber optic reseller and installer. Typical fiber optic installations look like:

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