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Paging and Music System
Paging and Music Systems Outdoor Speaker

What Is A Paging System?

Facilities such as retail stores, schools, warehouses, and manufacturing plants require a method for delivering messages to those who are on site without access to a phone. The simple solution is a paging system: a network of loud speakers and horns that interface with a phone system. Paging systems allow stores to intercom their floor from the business phones installed, bridging essential communications. These systems can be one way or two way talkback systems, allowing for elevated communication where necessary.

Paging System Uses

While the uses for each customer are always unique, here are a couple typical uses for paging systems:

Grocery Stores

Get attention of employees on the floor


Call students to the office or in case of emergency


Notify workers of a delivery or pick-up

Retail Stores

Alert employees of customers needing assistance

Pick-up style Restaurants

Inform customers of order status

Medical centers

Emergency and notify alerts

Outdoor yards

Inform employees of orders to be assembled

Paging and Music Systems PA Speaker

Paging Installations By Absolute Communication Solutions

Absolute Communication Solutions offers paging solutions by Valcom, a industry leading low voltage provider. In addition, ACS offers paging integration for new and existing phone systems. These paging systems can be configured for access control, talkback functions, and more, making them a great solution for all paging applications.

Paging and Music Systems

Music Systems By Absolute Communication Solutions

In addition to business paging systems, ACS offers high quality music/audio systems including background music systems, theater audio systems, and Whole-house audio. Our experienced technicians develop a custom solution for each customer, exceeding expectations in audio and installation quality.

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