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Why Choose Allworx?

With ever-evolving technology, comes the need for faster connections. And while most businesses can achieve faster communication via high-speed internet, some businesses face issues getting these services, typically due to location. Allworx steps in as a flexible, modern, and price oriented business phone system. With standard analog phone line integrations as well as VoIP line availability, Allworx serves as a solution for those who desire traditional and new phone lines, separate or together! Allworx also includes built in paging availability, making it an ideal solution for machine shops, auto shops, and car dealerships.

Is Allworx The Right Solution For You?

With a variety of new phone systems available today, businesses are posed with the complicated question of choosing which system is right for them. For many businesses, Allworx is the definite solution because of its analog phone line integrations or paging. For others, Allworx is the right solution because of its traditional line button layout. Allworx serves as a flexible, on-premise, scalable phone system solution for small to medium businesses.

Allworx Features Overview

Allworx is loaded with all of the typical business telephone system features, plus enterprise integrations for the modern user. Below is an overview of advanced features you can expect from Allworx:


Make use of the Allworx Reach app on Android and IOS devices to make and receive calls like you’re in the office. Check who’s available with built in presence, Access parked calls, and access your call history all from the app.

Desktop Voice Integration

Allworx Interact Professional allows you to make, manage, and customize your calls right from your desktop with a fully customizable app for devices running Microsoft Windows.

Web Browser And Outlook Integration

Use Allworx Interact Sync to Seamlessly make calls right from Google Chrome, Firefox, and Outlook with the simple click of a button. Change your presence for an upcoming meeting on the fly right from Outlook with the Allworx add-in for Outlook/Office 365.

Call Center

  • Call Distribution:Take advantage of Linear, round-robin, longest idle, and ring all queue priority to efficiently manage your call queues.
  • Queue Management: Customize welcome greetings, periodic on-hold messages, call routes, and queue priority.
  • Supervisor Features:Monitor agent calls using Barge in, Whisper or Silent monitor. Update queue settings from anywhere via Allworx web admin or my Allworx manager.
  • Agent Features:Log in and out or update busy status from the Allworx phone or the Allworx Interact Professional application. Get visual queue alarm notifications on the Allworx IP phone or Allworx View ACD real-time dashboard.

AllWorx Phones

Multi-Site Support

Enjoy global access across all sites, with inter-site extension dialing, global directory/voicemail, and shared auto attendants. Enjoy cost savings with inter-office extension dialing, allowing you to save on long distance calls, and share staffing across multiple sites.


Enjoy in-depth analytics features with Allworx View Highlights and Allworx View ACD Highlights. Track outbound call volume by individual agents, identify unmet staffing needs and areas to reduce telecom costs, track inbound call volume by geographic areas or time periods, and measure incoming calls to specific DIDs associated with advertising campaigns to determine effectiveness.

Dual Language Support

English, Spanish, and French voice prompts available for auto attendant, voicemail, and phone use. Select different languages for incoming, internal, and auto attendants and even customise language by line, for secondary language auto attendant prompts.

Voice Conference

Take advantage of Allworx Conference Center centralized management to schedule calls, create recurring conference calls, remove participants from conference calls, view participants’ caller IDs, and secure conference calls with a unique ID and password. Allworx Conference Center is a one time license with unlimited use, with up to 30 concurrent attendants for each conference!

Security and Data Backup

Allworx OfficeSafe is designed to keep your technology safe with automated backups. With support for multiple network interfaces, and no license key requirements, administrators can easily backup multiple Allworx systems, and maintain history of each backup.

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