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Get everything your employees and company needs to effectively communicate with customers and colleagues.


  • Unlimited auto-attendants
  • Mobile twinning so you never miss a call
  • unlimited nationwide calling
  • Secure, company-wide chat
  • Advanced voicemail with speech-to-text
  • Online and phone presence so you know who is on the phone before you call.
  • Clock-to-call from the web
  • Portal so employees can make their own updates and changes instantly
  • MyOfficeSuite desktop and mobile apps
  • Dedicated voicemail app
  • Hundreds of other features

What is Unified Communications?

In a field of advanced technology, business communications are more important than ever. In addition to their office phone system, businesses seek enhanced instant messaging, video, desktop sharing, mobility, and call recording features. Unified communications (UC) is the combination of all of these services, with one simple, easy to use interface for users. Businesses rely on their Unified Communications systems for all communication needs, making it important for it to be reliable, and convenient to use. In addition, UC platforms intend to integrate seamlessly with other business software, including accounting, and CRM.

Why OfficeSuite UC?

OfficeSuite UC by Windstream Enterprise is an exclusively cloud office phone system and UC solution for small to medium sized businesses. OfficeSuite UC includes office phone system functionality, plus faxing, HD meetings, and instant messaging, making it great for rounded business communication. 

Officesuite UC offers a variety of features and benefits for business communication. Below is a list of some of the benefits of OfficeSuite UC

Windstream OfficeSuite UC


Utilizing cloud storage, all of your settings, call logs, and contacts with OfficeSuite UC are stored securely, reducing the risk of on-site hacks or network-related security breaches.


With softphone capability for desktop and IOS/Android, Officesuite UC is a mobile communications solution for the modern business. Take advantage of features such as voicemail transcription, face-to-face video calling, and faxing from any device with OfficeSuite UC.

Save Resources

Allow employees to control features so changes are faster and your technical staff can focus on advancing your business. With the OfficeSuite UC portal, changes are easy. The OfficeSuite UC portal is great for checking voicemail, sending faxes, and changing greetings.

Reduce Downtime

With 99.999% cloud system uptime, businesses are always able to function, even during a power outage. By using the softphone and OfficeSuite UC portal, businesses can keep functioning even without desk phones.

Easily Scale

Due to being exclusively cloud based, OfficeSuite UC is great for scaling your business. As your users increase or decrease, the system automatically scales to keep you online. OfficeSuite UC also includes free lifetime upgrades for phone systems and softphones.

Predictable Pricing

With low per-employee costs, determining phone system costs has never been easier! Including UC features such as video conferencing and Instant messaging, OfficeSuite UC encourages employee efficiency and low monthly bills.

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