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Did You Know? Landlines Are Outdated – And Expensive

For many years, Businesses relied on landlines for communication. Today, communication is more important than ever, and voice is still a main consideration for almost all businesses. The problem is: phone lines are expensive. For providers, upkeep of traditional copper lines is expensive, and makes little sense. There is, however, a solution. 

Make The Most Of Your Internet With Voip Phone Lines

The modern solution to phone lines is to simply use your internet connection for your phone lines. This way, you pay much less to your phone service provider because they have no physical lines going to your facility. How does it work? Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a method of using an internet connection to facilitate phone service. VOIP Providers are the service providers that sell these internet phone lines, and they are much less expensive than typical phone lines, especially for those who have many phone numbers. VOIP providers use a method called SIP Trunking to interface your equipment (PBX phone system, standalone phones) with phone numbers just as you are familiar with dialing.

What About My Fax?

A fax bridge will allow you to keep your current fax number and fax machine.  These devices do not use VoIP, but rather secure web transmission, so internet speed and quality are not an issue.

Phone Line Services By Absolute Communication Solutions

ACS has been working with VOIP lines for over 10 years, connecting, configuring, and reselling phone line services, saving customers money on their phone bills wherever possible. At Absolute Communication solutions, we sell phone line services, business phone systems, and internet services, providing a rounded communications solution for your business. 

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