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Absolute Communication Solutions excels in tailoring telephone systems for small and medium-sized businesses, ensuring you have access to the most efficient communication tools. Leveraging our extensive experience since 2000, we specialize in advanced systems that adapt to modern needs. Recognizing the decline of traditional POTS lines, and the rise of remote and mobile work we offer innovative tools to keep businesses connected. ACS’ commitment to custom solutions and staying ahead of technological shifts makes us an ideal partner for your business.

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What Is A Business Telephone System?

Business telephone systems, often referred to as office phone systems, are the parts and pieces of a system used by companies for collaboration. This includes the physical hardware, such as desk telephones and headsets, as well as the software and servers required for advanced calling capabilities. Organizations need elevated access to communication features, such as call routing and conferencing.

Companies today face the requirements of increased communication speeds. Whether these needs tailor to finalizing a sale, scheduling an appointment, or providing emergency services, meeting the moment with the right capabilities is a necessity. For this reason, there is no “one size fits all” solution, and communications platforms are generally defined by their respective strengths.

Features Available In All Business Telephone Systems:


Enables away or out of office greetings, and allows callers to leave a message.


Greet callers with a pre-recorded message that directs them to the right place

Multiple phone lines

Increase calling capacity, enabling simultaneous calls both incoming and outgoing.

Intercom and Transfer

Speak to another extension with the press of one button, and easily transfer calls between users.

Conference Calling

Talk with many callers at once, without having to relay messages.

VoIP Phones

Voice over Internet Protocol, known as VoIP allows phones to be taken anywhere without reprogramming them.

While these features may be enough for some organizations, others may demand more. Qualities such as remote calling, web-management, visual voicemail, and mobile device support may provide an advantage for some users.

Sangoma SwitchVox

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AllWorx Phones

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3CX Business Telephones

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